by Michael T. Glaspie
("Mike G")

Net marketers call me their "Secret Weapon"
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What others are saying about this incredible course!

"Dear Mike,

I listen and talk to about a dozen great people who are experts on Internet Marketing. But there is only one expert who consistently gives me info that I take action on--that's Mike Glaspie."

John Pizzuti Creator & CEO

"Hi Mike,

I really enjoyed the seminar. I learned that I must have a more aggressive approach to my marketing strategy. Again thanks for all the information you provided. I took 2 pages of notes."


"Dear Michael,

I can't tell you how excited I am after listening to your seminar today. The amount of marketing information that you provided was incredible!"

Linda Faistl Lassen emember


I'd like to thank you for your free conference... your advice on banners was 1000% percent bang on.

Before the seminar, I was getting ZERO hits on my banners, not one in thousands of impressions. I followed your advice, ... and guess what? I'm getting HITS!

Your experience has proven invaluable to me, I don't think I could have even paid for these types of secrets, people just aren't willing to share this type of information if they want you to pay them to advertise for you. THANKS."

David Lelievre


I must say that the information you gave was 100 times more than I have gathered over the last six months running around the net like a headless chicken. "



Great seminar, LOADED with lots of info. Thanks!"

Richard Mazza

"Hello Michael,

First of all I would like to say that the seminar was outstanding!

I am new to the Internet e-commerce, and marketing arenas and I have been totally lost the last few months. I have been fumbling around trying to figure out how to promote my sites and get more paying customers/prospects. With so many sites out there trying to sell their "Internet Marketing secrets" it was very refreshing to hear your seminar in the laid back, honest and concise way it was presented. I feel that you have lifted the veil on how to market on the Internet properly and have given me some real insights on the subject. Thank you!"

Terrance Quezaire
Independent Representative
Excel Communications Inc.
Cognigen Networks Inc.

"Dear Mike,

...Anyone who has not employed these marketing wonders to their site yet just isnít serious about being at the top of their game."

Kenneth A. Kudra

"Hi, Michael:

I'm so glad that I listened to your seminar! I have listened to several of these kinds of seminars, on different subjects. Almost in all cases, they only give general concepts, which you often can find somewhere else for free anyway, left out specific, important details, until you purchase their programs.

But in your seminar, you've covered so much specific detailed information, tips and steps for successful Internet marketing and provided great resources that're truly valuable. Thanks a lot!"


"Dear Mike,

I just have to tell you after 25+years in marketing, over 20 years a factory certified computer tech, I have learned to mute my "know-it-all" attitude. ... I really thought I had a handle on computing and networking. I learned enough in the first 15 minutes of your seminar to re-evaluate my understanding of the Internet That alone made it worthwhile. Thank you!"

Scott Trant
Desert Moon Gallery & Gifts

"Hi Mike,

The only thing I can say about your seminar is "unbelievable". It was a pleasure to listen to someone who has his members' interest at heart and who really wants to see them succeed. Thank you so much for the opportunity, knowledge and expert training. "

P. Evans
Hollywood, FL


Thank you for the opportunity to listen to your seminar. It was one of the most informative seminars I've ever listened to. Even though I'm new to Internet Marketing, I have been surfing the net for a number of years. During that time I have learned a lot on my own, but the insider information that was covered during your seminar will propel my marketing efforts to the next level and beyond. I expect my business to explode just by following a couple of ideas and concepts that were introduced to me. Excellent!!"

Don Crawford


You truly are the Guru's Guru. I'm just glad my competitors don't know about you. ;-) I learn more from a few minutes of just listening to you than I have in the past few years trying to figure it out on my own. I'm no newbie, but no one - and I mean No One - knows their stuff like you do! I would *highly recommend* this CD to anyone even remotely serious about making money Online.

Thanks for everything!"

Dustin Struckman



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There is a lot of information floating around the internet and much of it is years old.  Unfortunately, things that would have helped you succeed even 6 months ago are no longer as relevant due to the ever-changing nature of the net.

Fact:  You need to keep up on the very latest and best techniques for success on the web or you are just spinning your wheels.

The good news is, I have packed Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing with up-to-the-minute tips and tactics that no other Internet marketing course has!  If you want to pull in profits faster, and learn how to make your business bigger and better this year than it has ever been, you are in luck.

But this is not just "yet another 'no-holds-barred' tell-all marketing course"... This is completely and totally unique. In fact, the Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing mega-course isn't really even a "course"... it's more of a "symposium" or exposé on all things related to marketing and making BIG money on the net. It is all-encompassing and covers every facet of marketing online.

If you read just ONE how-to guide this year, get this one...

Just look at some of the comments from my "students" on the left of the screen. And what's more, I just signed a contract with a major marketing firm that specializes in internet consulting and building web sites for their clients. They are buying ONE THOUSAND Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing courses from me for their clients... and they looked at every marketing course online first!

There are 2 basic ways of marketing online:
Passive and Proactive.

Passive marketing is where you register with search engines and various directories and then hope for the best... It's a crap shoot and primarily why most people fail.

Proactive marketing is where you utilize low and no cost direct marketing strategies to catapult your business to the next quantum level. I'll take you by the hand and walk you through every step in simple but methodical detail. Here are just some of the strategies I'll teach you

  • Banners - According to the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau - these are the guys that keep tabs on where all the money is being invested in online advertising), last year a whopping $7.3 billion was invested in advertising net-wide. And of that, 21% (or $1.53 BILLION!!!) was spent on banner advertising... second only to "keyword" advertising (35%). I'll tech you how to design and build a banner that screams "click on me now!" and brands your business simultaneously.  Then, where to get dirt-cheap, even free placement of your banner that will outsell the competition 2 and 3-to-1!
  • Pop-ups - How to use pop-ups to dramatically improve your Alexa site rankings overnight and drive sales. (Easily done, if done right!)  99.9% of popup users do this all wrong.  I'll show you how to make sales with popups and where to put them for maximum impact.
  • Ezine advertising - How to find and advertise in the perfect ezine to reach your targeted audience dirt cheap and even free!  And, how to start your own ezine so you can grow your subscriber base and sell advertising.
  • JV deals - The magic of Joint Ventures. Done correctly, joint ventures will always be your most valuable secret weapon. Your online friends can make you easy profits year after year.  I'll show you where and how to tap into J.V. resources that will blow your mind and explode your profits!
  • Opt-in Mailing - How to find and use opt-in mailing lists reaching millions of prospects. Dirt cheap and even free! I mail 4-10 million letters EVERY week completely spam free. I show you how to do this for maximum profit and share my resources with you. This is unbelievably easy money. But you must first know the "how" and then the "who". It works like a slot machine, but with one BIG difference: If you follow the formula it pays off on Every pull.
  • Sales letters - How to write and develop a kick-butt sales letter that will literally force your prospects to beg for your product, service, or opportunity.  Its easier than you think...just follow my proven formula.
  • Branding - Is the key to long term success online. I'll teach you when, where, and how to incorporate it into any marketing strategy.  Never advertise without it and you will build a name and credibility online.
  • USP's (Unique Selling Propositions) - How to develop the perfect USP to identify YOU in the marketplace, separating you from the competition for years to come. It's vital you understand and use this strategy.
  • MLM Programs - How to select the perfect MLM program, what to look for, what to watch out for, and how to get in on the absolute ground floor, where the real $$ are!
  • Affiliate programs - How to develop your OWN affiliate program, regardless of what you are offering to sell.  I use affiliate programs in some way with every site I have ever built, I'll teach you the nitty-gritty details you need to know to attract an army of affiliates that can make you rich!  This is so easy to do with all the tools and resources immediately available online.  I'm amazed at the % of sites overlooking the profits to be made with an autopilot affiliate program.  Learn how this can be accomplished without any of your own software or programming.
  • Autoresponders - An autoresponder is a must-have tool for every serious marketer. Let me show you what makes a good one work and why... and how to avoid being accused of "spamming" when purchasing leads for your autoresponder - don't get shut down!
  • List building - Whether you are marketing something as an affiliate, or operating your own web site, it is an absolute must to BUILD YOUR LIST. I'll teach you how to do this effortlessly.
  • Telemarketing - There are literally millions of dollars being made by savvy marketers through telemarketing. I'll teach you how to apply and use this huge industry and even show you who to contact to double, triple, and even quadruple your sales success!
  • Search engines - Search engines are a love/hate relationship with web marketers. But you gotta use 'em. I'll teach you the shortcuts and demystify the process for you.
  • Pay-per-click - Pay-per-click advertising is a gold mine, but only if you do it in accordance with the formula I have developed. Are you familiar with "burn off"? I'll teach you this and several vital strategies that you must know how to use to put your web site on automatic pilot with Pay-per-click advertising.
  • Pay-for-Performance - PFP advertising is where you owe nothing, zip, nada, zilch, till a sale is made!  I'll share with you my resources and the tactics you need to tap into this online bonanza.  The money you could make with this information alone is worth hundreds or thousands of times the cost of my course.
  • Ideas - Even if you have no idea where to begin or what to market, you need this mega course... I'll show you where to begin and give you all the ideas you need to get started now!
  • Overnight recognition - How to establish yourself as an expert online in any field you choose. I'll show you how to write articles (or have someone else write them for you!), and get published around the globe virtually overnight.  Then how to re-package everything you write and sell ebooks, paperback print editions [for Amazon and retail distribution], through on-demand printing and all the resources you need to repackage for audio tapes or CD programs.  It all starts with just one article you write or have written for you.
  • Testing - Let's face it, marketing online is, in every essence, "direct marketing"... I'll show you how to test any ad, any sales letter, any web site and know exactly and precisely how effective your campaign will be in 48 hours or less. And then, how to continually test. You need this information to pull the greatest cash from your marketing strategy.
  • Viral Marketing - From simple tell-a-friend strategies to extremely effective and powerful automatic viral methods, I'll open your mind to a whole new way of thinking about viral marketing and teach you how you can adapt it to any marketing strategy.
  • And so much more! 

I have never offered all of these secrets and confidential sources before.  Our various products sell in the millions - over 10 million last year - and now for the first time ever I am sharing every strategy, tactic, secret and all my resources for a price anyone can afford!

Now all of this hard-earned knowledge can be YOURS!

Why this mega course is different!

You should know; of all the money my sites generate not ONE THIN dime of it has been made selling "How To" information.

That is until now.

I practice what I preach and do every day what I teach in "Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing"

For my money it just makes sense to Learn from a DOER, with real world experience and real world mega-success, than from a "theorist"...

Be careful what you invest in! I cant tell you how many times I have been approached by people wanting me to recommend their new 'Hot off the presses" marketing manual or ebook only to discover through questioning , they have no list or only a very small list of their own and they don't really know how to "get the word out" online... but yet they teach marketing???

My personal list of "members" is over 1.2 Million and I have built my online businesses using the exact same strategies, secrets and tactics I'll share with you .

I've not only done it all, I do it all, and I've figured out how to make every element a successful part of my total marketing mix for all of the sites that I market.

And now it's time for me to share everything that I know, everything that I've done, including  (perhaps the most important element) the most critical thing that you must grasp to become successful not only with your online marketing but in every endeavor you ever take.

And, that is how to...

See yourself, your place within the world, truly understand your potential and then apply that potential to your online business!

Hence the title, "Seize Your Potential & Prosper with Net Marketing".



This program consists of 29 one-hour training modules along with a comprehensive work/study book. The work book is a tremendous resource guide telling more about each and every specific company I do business with online and how to contact them.

The marketplace is huge. Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing is for you if you are interested in learning how to achieve dramatic and outstanding sales and success online, regardless of what you are selling, whether you are starting on a shoestring or in fact no budget at all, or even if you have unlimited resources available to develop your Internet businesses.

On the tapes (or CD's) for the first half of the program, is yours truly sharing my secrets, strategies & tactics for the first time with hard hitting "this is how you do it" information.  I'll take you step-by-step through the process, and that process begins with the way I think you need to see yourself, see the world, your place within it, and then prosper.

My recording will also include:

  • Link trading - how to find and contact the perfect partner sites, all of them you can handle, to trade reciprocal links with you.  Even if your site gets no traffic now!
  • Website Design - The 6 immutable laws of website design,  Follow these principles and your site will convert clicks to checks, break these laws and you will fail!
  • How to turn your database of members, customers, or subscribers into a gold mine.  I gotta tell you, 99+% of even the most successful online marketers are not using this powerful strategy.  It's not what you think.  It has nothing to do with email... it's X times more powerful.
  • How to stay out of trouble and out of jail.  Don't run afoul of spam laws.  It happens everyday to legitimate marketers who neglect to ask the right questions before they mail to the wrong list!
  • Case studies you will read. Real world success stories from everyday people who have submitted to me their step by step details showing exactly what they did, and how they did it, to rake in profits online starting from scratch.  You will learn how Jane Mark, Brian Garvin, and many others, starting from scratch, built very successful and profitable businesses.

Order here now!

The last half of the tapes (or CD's) includes recorded sessions with the net's most influential and successful marketers!

The line-up reads like the who's who on the net! I've selected only the best of the best and the most qualified. They have all agreed to spill their guts and reveal their most guarded secrets. This is stuff you've never heard before! Each speaker will take you through the exact process they employ to reach astronomical success in simple and concise detail.

Jack Humphrey - The Linking, Content Creation, and Syndication King!

Jack is on the cutting-edge when it comes to free and low cost promotion tactics for small and large companies on the web.  The author of the now famous Power Linking series of website promotion courses, Jack is renowned for his ability to spot and teach killer, 100% proven marketing tactics that most people are never aware of.

He gives the absolutely critical information you need to blow away all your competition with traffic-driving tactics they are clueless about.  After Jack's presentation you are going to know everything you must do to succeed in promoting your site in 2006 including things no one is doing or talking about right now.

Jack has agreed to give you information on linking and traffic building techniques in 2006 that, frankly, he could sell himself for a lot of very easy money - money people would be delighted to pay for what he exposes on this recording!

Shawn Casey - Shawn will blow you away with a very special topic he has chosen to cover in exacting detail: information products and niche marketing.

You won't want to miss the strategies he reveals to you. His simple and powerful information that he freely shares with you could make you wealthy selling information products that you don't even own.

Mark Joyner - I think it's safe to say that everyone online is familiar with Mark's name.

He has made millions online. Well I've got a big surprise for you. Mark's going to share something with you and teach you things he's never revealed before...

Jim Fleck - Internet Profits Down?

Having Trouble Getting Your Emails Through The Spam Filters?

Here's your solution...How To Profit On The Internet Using Direct Response Marketing.

Techniques that will build your business online and offline. With products on the Internet, Infomercials, eBay and QVC, Jim knows marketing, trust me, he's the rare person that has expertise in technology, the Internet and Direct Response Marketing.

Oliver Bigler - Ollie is the only man in the world I will allow to even touch my web sites when it comes to search engine submission and optimization.

He will share with you exactly and precisely how he does it, so you can do it too.

Mike Enos - Mike is making $30,000+ monthly marketing on Ebay. He is the real deal.

No theory, and he'll teach what he does and how he does it, so you can model his success.


Shannon Denniston - Shannon is an autoresponder genius. He knows how to use them to suck maximum potential out of any marketing campaign.

He'll show you how to use an autoresponder in ways you never imagined.

Ken McArthur - Ken & I agree that one of the 3 most powerful & critical elements of online success is your "Alliances" ie: the friends you make online, the people you can turn to and count on to help you promote your site.

Ken is a master at joint venturing.

He not only has written a course on the subject but also has developed a site exclusively to put joint venture partners together.

Ken will share with you his expertise on this critical element &  show you how to get all the partners you will EVER need.

Chris Mriscin - Chris Is the owner of Card Services International of Kansas and will teach you ALL the ins and outs.

And why you should have your OWN merchant account. He will show you how to get one set up (dirt cheap) regardless of your past experiences or credit history and how to easily accept all credit cards and checks from your online order form.

This is a MUST hear presentation.  Find out how to make more sales and keep more of the $$ than with any 3rd party processor offering merchant services.

These presentations are not interviews - I hate interviews. Interviews are often disjointed, jumping from one thought to another, and usually leave the listener with even more questions. These are hard hitting, prepared presentations detailing the action steps each master has taken to get where they are today.

I didn't get to where I am today on my own.  I have learned from some of the greatest marketing minds of all time over the years.  And learning from master marketers, many of whom are now my peers and friends, shaved years of trial and error off of my marketing career.  Take it from me, its always better to model genius than invent mediocrity!

As if the above wasn't enough, take a look at the bonuses you also get with "Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing!"

You know, I've been marketing this huge mega course for almost four years now and it's success has just been phenomenal! But recently I started thinking about new ways I could help you achieve your goals, your desires, your ultimate success quicker and easier. Listen, I believe it's crucial you get this information in your hands a.s.a.p.

So what I'm going to do is this: In addition to everything I've already told you about above, when YOU order Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing I'm going to also include three very special (and vitally important) bonuses...

Special Bonus #1:
"Master Copywriting Workshop"

I recently recorded my exclusive Master Copywriting Workshop, where I spilled my guts to a handful of my most elite students.... On this tele-conference I'll teach you how to become a master copy-writer... it really is easy if you just know how.

I'll share with you, holding nothing back, the true secret formula I use to produce one successful sales letter after another, and I'll show you exactly and precisely what to do and how to use your new skills to grow any business.

Most people don't realize this, but their success in marketing any product, service, program, or opportunity is just one good sales letter away. Of the three most vital elements, things that you need to be successful in marketing online, the sales letter is king. Once you have a kick-butt sales letter, the other two critical elements you need will find you... I'll show you how this works.

On my tele-conference, I'll teach you completely:

  • Exactly and precisely which formula to use for your product, service, program, or opportunity.. and I'll give you both formulas I use... it's simple.

  • The ten motivators every sales letter must contain.

  • Exactly and precisely what items must be included in your sales copy... and why!

  • Where and how to check your sales message to ensure high deliverability and not get blocked by filters.

  • And so much more!

Having this skill which I learned by myself, and you can too, has enabled me to present my sales message for everything I have ever marketed to millions and millions of prospects.

Once you have the perfect copy, you'll be able to do the same!

How much do you have to pay for this exclusive workshop? Zero! It's yours free just for checking out my mega-course risk free!

Special Bonus #2:

"How To Cash In On The Internet"

If you have ever wondered how everyday people are making it big on the net, or how people who don't even have their own product or service are cashing in big time, you need to listen to this NO-HOLDS-BARRED SEMINAR. I'll show you how others are succeeding and how YOU can succeed on the net RIGHT NOW using the exact same principles and techniques I use every day. I'll hold nothing back... I'll show you every step you need to take.


I will teach you completely, (not just dangle a teaser to sell more info):

  • The six IMMUTABLE laws of direct marketing online - not to be broken - EVER!

  • How to find and convince others to trade links with you , even if their site is many times more successful than yours, and the best kind of link and where to have it placed for maximum impact!

  • How to use OPT-IN email marketing and send your message to a highly targeted and responsive list - without spamming. I'll show you how to do this FREE ALSO!!

  • Where and how to get a FREE merchant account set up for you. Start accepting credit card sales today!

  • How to (and why) you must set up your own 2-tier affiliate program!

  • Plus MORE!

What I'll teach you --- I do EVERYDAY to grow my Online Business! And I'm not in the business of selling advice. I'll give it to you FREE, just for giving my mega-course a try!

Special Bonus #3:

"My Ten Twelve Favorite Mike G Telecoach Sessions"

You may not realize this but since June of 2005 I have been hosting private teleconferences... exclusively for my Mike G Telecoach clients on the average of two times a month.

And, of all the 30-something recording coaching teleconference sessions which I have held, I have selected which I think are, well "My Twelve Favorite Mike G Telecoach Sessions" and I have put them on a page for you where you can just left-click and begin listening or right-click and save for future use by downloading it.

The Mike G Telecoach sessions (approximately one hour each) always take one of three basic formats.

  1. An open Question & Answer Format: this is where members submit their questions in advance and I'll answer those questions on the call whether that member is in attendance or not. Following with an open to all Q&A to wrap up the session.
  2. Hotseats: this is where members submit their specific website in advance for critical review where I tear it apart and put it back together for them including various and strategic marketing strategies for them.
  3. Specific Subject Matter: this is where I have something on my mind that I want to share with members and I usually speak for 35-40 minutes on one particular topic, 100% training if you will, and then I open the call up again for a live Q&A session.

It is my hope and desire that you will gain new insight, knowledge, and pick up on some important strategies and concepts that you can use to immediately propel your internet business to the next quantum level.

And again, this entire block of pure training is yours, totally free, as my gift to you when you reserve your copy of my mega-course!

Believe it or not, the above bonuses are just part of the total bonus package!  By owning Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing, will also own the most critically acclaimed marketing library of critical information from the most respected Internet marketers of our time! And when you order Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing, I will send them to you immediately in "click and listen" format so you may begin learning right now from my experiences and teachings...

Don't let this year be the same for you as last year was.  This is your chance for true financial freedom.  You have shown the desire to learn what it takes to succeed online with a profit-producing business because you are here.  Now it's time to unlock what the successful, proven marketers know that you don't so you can finally start making money online and realize your dreams!

Take the final step on your path to success and grab Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing today!


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